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Workshop: Understanding the 50+ Worker

Next For Me CEO Jeff Tidwell speaking at Tech Inclusion.
Next For Me CEO Jeff Tidwell speaking at Tech Inclusion.


The Gen X and Boomer generation is approaching their next chapter with hope and excitement. While age bias and financial insecurity is widespread, 50+ workers are attacking these challenges with the zeal acquired from their roots in activism and with empathy honed over the course of our lives. 

This workshop was developed from our market report “Understanding the 50+ Worker” based on findings from our events, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and surveys conducted with our audience nationwide.

How is your organization addressing this large market and strategic resource? We can help. Find out more.


Who It's For

If it’s your job to reach the 50+ audience this is the workshop to get inside the nuance of their interests, aspirations and habits.

C-suite executives, marketers and HR pros will all find value in this workshop. We customize the program for one on one and small groups or we’re comfortable presenting in front of your entire organization. 

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the significant differences in segments of the 50+ audience.  GenX are entering this phase of life and they have significantly different motivations than Boomers. 
  • They aren’t done yet. Whether it’s next careers, entrepreneurial efforts or reckoning with their legacy, most won’t soon be on the golf course. 60% plan on working past 65.
  • Financial matters are top of mind with more than 50% having less than $50K saved for retirement. 
  • Overall the segment is positive and see possibilities even when addressing bias in their jobs and communities. 

Read the report: Understanding the 50+ Worker

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