Workshop: A Guide To Change For Everybody

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Based on our book “Next For Me: A Guide To Change For Everybody” this workshop addresses head-on the impact of mindset and clarity in decision making for personal and career development.

This workshop was developed based on findings from our events, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and surveys conducted with our audience nationwide.


Who It's For

Organizations that have an interest in developing their workforce through personal empowerment and common-sense agility.

Teams that seek a values-based approach to decision making. 

Teams that may be stuck and would benefit from the exercises aimed at more expansive thinking. 

C-suite executives, employees, and HR pros will all find value in this workshop. We customize the program for one on one and small groups or we’re comfortable presenting in front of your entire organization. #ZoomFriendly

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  • “Don’t be fooled by the compactness of this book. It holds a world of go-deep information and ethical guideposts for pretty much all of the rest of us. Whether you are a solo consultant wanting to make your mark, a hardy little team with a great idea in search of a product, or a founder wanting to ground a service in felt values, there’s something here for you. Jeff and Carole have made a wonderful meal for you with practical tips, real-world savvy, and a generous dose of humanity. Bon appétit!” 

     – Karen Wickre, Author, Taking the Work Out of Networking; Senior Advisor, Brunswick Group

  • “Carole and Jeff have made a noble effort in this book to address the need for independence that comes with experience. They’ve been there, done that. They’ve curated real stuff that works in the real world. Any piece of the wealth that they suggest will improve one’s perspectives and conditions when starting something new.” 

     – David Allen, Author, Getting Things Done

  • “I was lucky to have a front row seat when the authors built online communities where isolated cancer patients could connect and find support from others. They now bring that human connection to this guide of big ideas for entrepreneurs of all stripes.” 

     – Clare Martorana, CIO, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

  • “In this guidebook you won’t find the traditional business writing or formulas. Carole and Jeff wear their hearts and minds on their sleeves within these pages. They genuinely care about the kind of business and culture they’re building. They care that the people they work with share their values and principles. They care that what they put out in the world is thoughtful and kind.” 

     – Chip Conley, Founder, Modern Elder Academy

  • “A lot of young designers and students ask me what they should do at the beginning of their careers. I tell them to find a place where they can learn from old people. Any problem you’ll encounter, they’ve encountered it a thousand times. Any workplace drama you’ll encounter, they’ve encountered it a thousand times.  In Next For Me: A Guide To Change For Everybody, Jeff and Carole do a wonderful job of telling the story of experience.” 

     – Mike Monteiro, Author, Ruined by Design

  • “The authors have found a recipe that looks beyond the typical hype of Silicon Valley to something more heartfelt and fun along the way.” 

     – Andres Wydler,  Executive Director, StartOut

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