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Returning to the Workplace: A Next For Me Market Report – Summer 2020


COVID-19 forced millions of American workers into their homes to work remotely. This has accelerated a trend to remote work. For most workers the experiment has been an overall positive experience. It has opened the eyes of corporate leadership to more cost effective options with the benefit of greater productivity.

For this report we interviewed and surveyed Next For Me readers whose work life has been impacted by the pandemic to understand their personal and professional experiences and expectations for what returning to a “workplace” will mean for them. 

We also interviewed leaders in commercial real estate and “flexible workplaces” to track their agility and responses to a quickly changing financial landscape for their industry. 

We reference studies and reporting covering the return to the workplace. A full list of resources are listed below.

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Following are resources and links to the materials used in the report.

  1. Deloitte: Returning to Work in the Future of Work LINK 
  2. Forbes: Why the Regus and Spaces CEO is doubling down on office space despite COVID-19  LINK
  3. NPR: Get a Comfortable Chair: Permanent Work From Home Is Coming LINK
  4. KCRW: Employee Tracking Apps Surge as Telecommuting Continues. LINK
  5. Just Imagine: The Office Space is Dead. All Hail The Office Space LINK
  6. LiquidSpace: Reimagine and Embrace The Future of Workplace Webinar Series LINK
  7. LiquidSpace: Next For Me interview with Mark Gilbreath, LiquidSpace CEO and Founder LINK
  8. – What’s the Future of Commercial Real Estate? Bigger Offices and Smaller Chains LINK
  9. Gensler: Work From Home Survey 2020 LINK (doc in dropbox)
  10. McKinsey: Reimagining the office and work life after COVID-19  LINK (doc in dropbox)
  11. Industrious: 2020 Return to the Flexible Office Guide LINK
  12. WIRED: Hybrid Remote Work offers The Worst of Both Worlds LINK
  13. NY Times: The Long, Unhappy History of Working from Home LINK
  14. The Ladders: Working From Home More Expensive than the Office LINK
  15. 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer LINK 
  16. Anecdotes from The Hustle’s Moving poll LINK
  17. Urban Milwaukee: Experts Say Remote Work Will Outlast the Pandemic LINK 
  18. Global Workplace Analytics Poll LINK
  19. Bloomberg, The Pandemic Workday Is 48 Minutes Longer and Has More Meetings: A study of 3.1 million workers around the world found an uptick in emailing, too.  LINK

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