Win a Gift Bag from Cordial Organics

We’re happy to be working with Cordial Organics the CBD Beauty and Wellness company. One healthcare survey respondent will win a gift bag of products from Cordial Organics. Take the survey.

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CBD seems to be everywhere these days. When CBD is extracted from quality hemp and is formulated with care, it can work for you and with you which will in turn aim you towards homeostasis and well-being. While we still are waiting for the FDA to validate claims, feedback is increasing and research is starting to compile that reveals that CBD can assist with inflammation, stress, sleeplessness and overall well-being. Project CBD ( is a great place to begin research on how CBD can perhaps usher you to wellness and/or pain management.   

In regards to purchasing CBD products, please be cautious and ask questions! Third party test labs should be available should you request them and the manufacturer should also be able to address questions such as: Where was the hemp grown? How was the CBD extracted? Is the product organic? Where is the product manufactured?

Cordial Organics was founded four years ago by Desi and Shelly who are the formulators and makers. Desi and Shelly started with CBD cannabis strains, grew plants and performed their own extractions. After one year of research, formulating and testing on friends and family, the products that now comprise the Cordial Organics menu were ready for market. The CBD used in all the formulations is from Colorado hemp and is certified organic. Cordial Organics has third party lab tests and complete terpene profiles upon request. Cordial Organics is founded upon the intention to serve the needs of our communities and extended communities. We take environmental responsibility, fair-trade, and sustainability very seriously. A portion of the profits are given to community organizations. 

Yes, We love questions and feedback – Reach us both at or, visit our website blog for more information about CBD and wellness