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Each month Next For Me reaches over 5,000 early Gen X and late boomer influencers who bring their aspirational zeal to their local communities and online networks.

The Audience

Next For Me uniquely targets a very specific segment of US men and women, 50-65 who are staying in the workforce in increasing numbers.

We know that they are thinking hard about what the future of work and financial stability means for them. 

Our latest market report: “Understanding the 50+ Market” outlines the findings of a year of research with the demographic.

The Next For Me Consumer Community informs our understanding of this evolving market — delivering actionable insights for our partners.

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There are a few ways your organization can work with Next For Me.


  • Exclusive Sponsor – public reports
  • Research Subscriptions
  • Custom Research
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Sample 
  • Corporate Presentations and Workshops
  • TRENDS Newsletter


  • Sponsorship of Next For Me public events and workshops
  • Co-Host: Collaboration on content
  • Co-presence at conferences and external public events

Custom Content

  • Native advertising, video storytelling, interviews
  • Custom Newsletter

Sponsored Editorial

  • Category Sponsor

Download our complete 2019 Partner Kit


Next For Me is proud to work with leaders in the 50+ entrepreneurial community. We partner with these organizations on our events, research, and editorial. See a list of our partners.


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