Next For Me: A Guide To Startups For Dreamers

Exciting News from HQ. Our first book is available now on Amazon! 

Book Tour Updates: San Francisco, Pasadena and SXSW

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In their new book Next For Me: A Guide To Startups For Dreamers, Silicon Valley veterans Carole McManus and Jeff Tidwell deliver a philosophical and wide-eyed set of exercises for startup entrepreneurs to see their young companies in a more expansive light. Starting with Your Philosophical Center the books digs into the values, mission, people and associations you make along the way. Then to Fresh Perspectives with techniques founded in open-mindedness, visualization, mapping, and even deja vu. Then back to earth with The Tactical, useful survival techniques for hacking through and having the endurance to stay standing. 

The authors are co-founders of Next For Me. Next For Me connects and inspires our generation to evolve post-50 lives through new work, a new purpose, or a new social contribution.

We’re having a discussion of Section One – Your Philosophical Center